SF Giants Insider


Tuesday July 31st 2018

It appears the Giant's #2 starter, Cueto, will have season ending TJ surgery on his elbow in the near future, as hinted at by Bochy. This is certainly disappointing news, and means he will likely not only miss the rest of the 2018 season, but most likely the 2019 season as well. 

In Cueto's absense, the Giants have recalled Triple-A starter Stratton, who will start during the @PetcoPark Series.

If the Giants decide, for some wild reason, to keep their core together and please the season ticket holders, they may try to trade for a veteran innings eater or late inning relief; however, it appears more likely the Giants are considering selling off key off season acquisitions that are departing at season's end due to free agency. For example, McCutchen's trade value has skyrocketed amongst teams in contention and its possible he may no longer wear the orange and black after Tuesday's 4pm Trade Deadline.